Custom graphs

Graph are usually part of a probe. But some might want to add custom graph, that use data from different graphs, or display values in a different way.

It's possible to add some graph description. Just drop a grapdesc xml file in the configuration directory, and it will be integrated.

As it's not associated with any probe, the way to find the values for each datasource must be given. The add element is then replaced by an addpath. It can be used like any add datasource, but take a path element. The path is used to find the datasource, with the host and probe added, so a common usage is for example

            <dsName>datasource name</dsName>

The name can be used in any add element, for example in a rpn. As usual, if the needed information is given for plotting it, it will be directly used and the name is then optional.

Another kind of custom graph is the aggregate. It takes a set of same kind graph and combine their values using the provided function. As the time of writing, only one kind of aggregation is provided, a sum. A sum custom graph is defined in a sum file :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE sum PUBLIC "-//jrds//DTD Sum//EN" "urn:jrds:sum">
<sum name="sum name" id="sum id">
    <element name="graph 1 name" />
    <element name="graph 2 name" />

All custom graphs appear in the Custom graphs id, or the id can be used to add them in a custom tab.

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