Filters in JRDS

JRDS can manage quite a high number of nodes, but finding it's way within a long list of nodes can become difficult.

JRDS provides a way to create trees using only a subset of possible graphs, using filter.

A filter is defined by a xml document, as usual, giving

  • it's name
  • some tags, only hosts that matches all the tags will be displayed
  • some regex filtering graph's tree, any graph whose path match a regex will be displayed.

The doc type for a filter is

<!DOCTYPE filter PUBLIC "-//jrds//DTD Filter//EN" "urn:jrds:filter">

And the DTD is at github

All defined filters are shown in the tab “All filters”

For a graph to be displayed, it must meet two conditions :

  • all of the given tags must be in the host's tags
  • it's path must match one of the given paths.

For example, given the following filter configuration :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE filter PUBLIC "-//jrds//DTD Filter//EN" "urn:jrds:filter">
    <name>x86 calculation servers</name>
    <tag>calc node</tag>
    <path>/Sorted by view/System/Memory/.*</path>
    <path>/Sorted by view/.*cpuraw.*</path>

A tree called “x86 calculation servers” will be created, and it will display the memory usage and cpu usage for all servers that are tagged by both calc node and x86.

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