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The hosts files

Every collected hosts is declared in a distinct file, that define it's name, and the probe to collect. To ease declaration, macro and collections can be used. A very simple host declaration can be :

<!DOCTYPE host PUBLIC "-//jrds//DTD Host//EN" "urn:jrds:host">
<host name="hostname">
    <probe type="ProbeType" />

The host attribute

For each hosts, some attribute are define. A mandatory one is the host name, that will be used for displaying this host and searching it.

This can be a symbolic name, easy to use and remember. For IP connection, a attribute called dnsName can be added, that will provide (for example) the FQDN for the host, or it's IP.

Probe declaration

Each probe to collect is a separate XML element. It's type is mandatory to identify it. Some probes needs argument, they are defined using a list of named attributes :

<probe type="ProbeType">
    <attr name="attrName">value</attr>

Some probes takes an undefined number of argument, they can use lists :

<probe type="ProbeType">
        <arg type="Type" value="value" />

It's up to the probe writer to decide how kind of declaration to use.

Some probes are connected probes and needs a connection declaration :

<connection type="Class name" >
    <attr name="attrName">value</attr>

The collections

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