The graph description

The graphs are used to display values collected by the probes. Each graph is displayed in a tree that's defined in the description.

The graph descriptions is defined in this DTD and it's doctype is

<!DOCTYPE graphdesc PUBLIC "-//jrds//DTD Graph Description//EN" "urn:jrds:graphdesc">

The graph description's elements are

  • name: the name of the graph description, used in the probe description
  • graphName: the graph instance name
  • graphTitle: the graph title
  • unit: define the unit used to display the graph
  • verticalLabel: the vertical label of the graph
  • upperLimit: the upper limit of the graph, instead of auto-limit
  • lowerLimit: the lower limit of the graph, instead of auto-limit
  • logarithmic: to set a logarithmic scale for the vertical limit

For the unit, the base (power of ten or power of two) is defined withg the binary or SI element. The unit prefix can be defined in the base element (m for milli or k for kilo).

The datasource and graph elements are defined in the add elements. Each add element take the following options

  • name: the name of the graph elements, if it needs to be re used
  • rpn: an rrd4j rpn
  • dsName: a data source name defined in the probe
  • reversed: if the values should be shown reversed in the graph
  • percentile: if value should be transformed in a perentil
  • graphType: the kind of graph to display : LINE, AREA, STACK
  • color: the element color
  • legend: a legend to display

The rpn and dsName are exclusive. They are different way of getting values. The legend is optionnal, or it can be used alone, it then add only a legend line. A percentile graph adds a line show the defined percentile.

The color can be on the predefined color, or define as a #RRGGBB value.


The element unit is used to manage the prefix for the y-axis.

The elements SI or binary choose the base for the prefix. With SI, the d,k, M… prefix with increase with power of ten, so 1M is 10 ** 6. With binary, it increase with power of 1024, as defined in |wikipedi binary prefix.

The element base is used to force a prefix. Some values are associated with common prefix like a disk response time that people expect to get in milli seconds. The value of this element is used to choose this prefix and not let jrds choose it.

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