Last collected value

Values collected can be read to be used in other tools (for example nagios). With this, jrds can be used as a proxy for probes to heavy to be collected by nagios, or for values that needs to span a long period of time.

The URL to get values is http://jrdsURL/values/host/probeName/dsName/interval/cfFunction

Parameter Description
host the name of a monitored device
probeName the name of a collected probe
dsName the name of a data store in this probe
interval the the number of second that cover the value to get
cfFunction the consolidation function as in org.rrd4j.ConsolFun. If it's not specified a default value of AVERAGE is used

If dsName is not specified, all data store values are dumped.

The probe and data stores name can be found using the graph details icon show next to a graph.

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