The IPMI probes

JRDS can talk directly to the BMC of a computer to get IPMI sensor values.

This probe uses a discovery agent, so the “Discover an host” pane in the Administration pane will generate the valid probes list.

IPMI probes needs a needs, that's the Record ID, it can be found using the commande ipmitool sdr elist. It must be given in a decimal integer, and as ipmitool return an hexadecimal value, it must be converted before use.

The connection

IPMI probes are connected probes

The connection class for this probe is jrds.probe.ipmi.IpmiConnection.

As it talks directly to the BMC, it's IP address must be provided.

A usage example would be:

<host name="onehost">
    <connection type="jrds.probe.ipmi.IpmiConnection">
        <attr name="bmcname">onehost-bmc</attr>
        <attr name="user">admin</attr>
        <attr name="password"> admin </attr>

Probes list

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