This probe provides detailed memory usage processing the /proc/<pid>/smaps for all pid whose command lines match the pattern. As it scan the smaps, it's not very fast and should be used only when needed.

Source type

Probe class


Name Default value Description
pattern The process symbolic name
index A regex used to match the full command line of the process, as available in /proc/<pid>/cmdline

Data stores

Name Type Description
mf:AnonHugePages GAUGE
mf:Anonymous GAUGE
mf:Swap GAUGE
mf:Shared_Clean GAUGE
anon:Swap GAUGE
anon:Locked GAUGE
mf:Locked GAUGE
mf:Private_Clean GAUGE
anon:Anonymous GAUGE
anon:Size GAUGE
anon:Shared_Dirty GAUGE
anon:Private_Clean GAUGE
anon:Shared_Clean GAUGE
count GAUGE
mf:Rss GAUGE
anon:Referenceds GAUGE
mf:Referenced GAUGE
mf:Shared_Dirty GAUGE
mf:Pss GAUGE
anon:AnonHugePages GAUGE
mf:Size GAUGE
anon:Rss GAUGE
anon:Pss GAUGE
mf:Private_Dirty GAUGE
anon:Private_Dirtyā€¯ GAUGE

Graph provided

Name Description

Connection class


    <probe type="ProcessSmaps">
        <attr name="index">Xvfb</attr>
        <attr name="pattern">/usr/bin/Xvfb.*</attr>

It generated the following graph:

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