This probe mimic the mesurement provided by Smokeping. The source code is available at github.

This probe is not part of jrds because it needs a small helper program to be compiled and installed. It's build with ant, but needs Ant-Contrib. The binary is build in build/smallping.

For jrds to find it, one needs to add :

path=<installation directory>


To make smallping usable, don't forget to set it setuid root :

sudo chown root:root build/smallping
sudo chmod 4755 build/smallping

To use the probe, put it in any node definition and add :

<probe type="Smokeping">
    <attr name="node">some host</attr>

Don't forget to complete the libspath and path in



Name Default value Description
node the dns name for the host the dns name of the node to ping

Data stores

Name Type Description
ping1 GAUGE
ping2 GAUGE
ping3 GAUGE
ping4 GAUGE
ping5 GAUGE
ping6 GAUGE
ping7 GAUGE
ping8 GAUGE
ping9 GAUGE
ping10 GAUGE
ping11 GAUGE
ping12 GAUGE
ping13 GAUGE
ping14 GAUGE
ping15 GAUGE
ping16 GAUGE
ping17 GAUGE
ping18 GAUGE
ping19 GAUGE
ping20 GAUGE
loss GAUGE
median GAUGE

Graph provided

Name Description


<probe type="Smokeping">
     <attr name="node">${host}</attr>
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