Probes and probes types

A probe is a snippet code in charge to collect, and if required transform data before store them. In case of networking based protocols (like SNMP) a probe is attach to a connection. Each time JRDS's scheduler launch the collect, JRDS will open a connection, and then all relatd probes will call. That's mean you're using a single socket to poll differents data, optimizing network traffic and latency.

Each probe is described by a xml description (a probe class). Probe description desribe the java class that runs the collect. Those classes can be loosely grouped in two kind. There is the ad-hoc classes, that suits the specific needs for this probe and can be hardly reused fo another probe without writing java code. In the opposite, some java backend are much more generic and are written to be used by a wide kind of probes and new probes can be easily written using only an xml description.

The main generic probes are :

A few had hoc probes:

If one wants to write new probes, some informations can be found in the probes development page

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