WMI Probes

This probe is used to monitor any windows server using it's native WMI protocol. It's based on j-interop's library. This probe is not open source, but donationware instead. You can download it here, and you should also get the library from j-interop web site. After getting and installing it, add the following information in you jrds.properties file:

Sourcetype Probe name Description Java class
WMI ntds_ntds jrds.wmi.WMIProbe
WMI perfos_memory jrds.wmi.WMIProbe
WMI perfos_processor jrds.wmi.WMIProbeIndexed
WMI perfos_system jrds.wmi.WMIProbe
WMI process jrds.wmi.Win32_Process

The connection class for this probe is jrds.wmi.WMIConnection.

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